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Relational Algebra

Belle Nuit Relation

Older relation code

Relation CLI command line tool to do relational algebra on .csv and .txt files online relational algebra
Relation for Excel Relational algebra functions for Excel. Tools to use Excel more like a database including SQL queries with joins.
Relation for Google Sheets


Belle Nuit Subtitler 2.0
Program to edit and render subtitles for Avid, Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro

Belle Nuit Subtitler goes open source
Belle Nuit Montage announces the immediate end of sale of our software Belle Nuit Subtitler. The last build of the software is now available as a free download and the source code of the program is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Users with current licenses will get email support until 31.3.2017.

Belle Nuit Montage releases Subtitler 2.0
Belle Nuit Montage relased today the new version 2.0 of Belle Nuit Subtitler. The new version adds over 25 new features which are mainly new import and export formats for the digital cinema distribution, for Bluray disks and for online video. It added also new framerates (23.98, 50, 59.94), new videoformats (2K), new filetypes (PNG) and new styles (center left). On the interface side, the waveform has been increased to see more detail and the program is more responsive on editing a lot of titles.

Belle Nuit Montage drops Windows support for Subtitler

HD and SD postproduction test chart

TC.XLA Excel-macro for Time Code calculations.

New: Relation for Excel Relational algebra functions for Excel. Tools to use Excel more like a database.

Style.xlam inline style for Excel cells

Time Code Calculator.

TimeCode for Filemaker
Calculate with TimeCode values in Filemaker Files.


Das Digitale Kino
The book on the HD research project. An introduction to HD production and postproduction (in german).

belle-nuit-l Maillist

Documents available in english:

Information sheet for Video to Film Transfer (FAZ)
Specifications of the settings and illustrations.

Flow chart Film Use DV-postproduction

REALbasic Classes Examples and code.

Open Source DCP Player Proof of Concept

The Dual Key Effect

Bellevue Experimental image compression codec

Quick hack to preview an XDCAM-EX-folder



Editing room / Coproductions / DVD Authoring


3prong plugins for Avid MediaComposer
Kinetta 4K film recorder shipping. Swiss films on DVD. Search engine for swiss films. Video on Demand DRM for QuickTime Macintosh and Windows Sofawiki CMS.