Flow chart Film Use

by Matthias Bürcher, Elizabeth Waelchli, Tommaso Vergallo and Ueli Nüesch

Shooting DV DV-Tapes = Original Master
Pre-Selection from DV Entire Copy to a cheap video format DV/TC in frame Entire copy from DV to Digibeta new Master with new TC optimized for transfer to film
Pre-Selection Pre-Selection Pre-Selection
Rough Cut tape to tape
EDL manually
Segment Copy pre-selected DV to Digibeta
Firewire Editing cuts only (native) Digitize low resolutio Digitize low resolutio Digitize low resolutio
Offline Editing non linear Offline Editing non linear Off-line Schnitt non-linearer Schnittplatz
Copy DV to Digibeta EDL Export with DV/TC for online EDL Export with Digibeta TC
Online Editing linear editing suite cuts only DV to Digibeta On-line Editing linear editing suite cuts only Digibeta to Digibeta
Video Effects and Titles in frame mode
Color grading (Video) optimized for the transfer
Transfer-Master Digibeta
Shortcut (clipping roll) Digibeta Tape to Film 35mm Titles high resolution 2K on background image file Optical titles on neutral background 35mm
Tape to Film Shortcut35mm Shooting 35mm
Negative Cutting
Grading Film
1st married Print
Answer Prints Telecine
Broadcast Tape


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