Three simple class extensions of XmlNode allow you to write more readable XML creation code.
Note: By readable i mean both more readable in the RB source code and the output XML file. These extensions work for most general uses, as they hide complexity of the XML API. There maybe occasions where they limit you - you should use then the generic Realbasic methods.

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PrettyXML works with REALBasic 5.5 or later. It is self-contained. It should work on Windows, but it hasn't been tested for.


AppendNewChild(extends parent as XmlNode, key as string) as XmlNode

Creates a new XmlNode and appends it to the parent.

child = parent.appendnewchild("child")

AppendSimpleChild(extends parent as XmlNode, key as string, value as variant)

Creates a new XmlNode and appends it to the parent and adds a textnode with value. Accepted value types are string, integer, double and boolean. The node is not returned, as this is a terminal node.

parent.appendsimplechild "child", value

Indent(extends parent as XmlNode, level as integer)

Adds textnodes to create a pretty textfile. You only have to call this method for the root, the children will be called recursively.


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