Subtitler and DVDSP on Lion

Update: Problem resolved in Subtitler 2.1.0b1 Subtitler:Beta

Apple has changed the system wide used TIFF importer in OSX Lion 10.7 and 10.8 so that it cannot read any more the TIFF files produced by Belle Nuit Subtitler. It thinks that the image as 0x0 pixels.

The files cannot be read in

The files can be read in

As for subtitles for video editing, you can easily workaround the problem by using PNG as format.
As for subtitles for DVD Studio Pro, that is not possible because you need TIFF DVD as format. What you can do is batch-convert the files with GraphicConverter or Photoshop from TIFF to TIFF (!).

We are adressing the problem and will provide soon an update that can correct this problem.