Subtitler:Import Tool

The Import tool can import over 30 subtitle formats.

The Import Tool of Subtitler 1.7 replaces the TitleListConverter.

Most list formats are textfiles, some are binary (EBU, PAC and others). You can specify the textencoding for the textfiles. You can also import RTF versions of the textfile formats, In that case, textencoding is specified in the file. You cannot import Word of Excel files (convert them to textfiles first).

The subtitle file can have one of the following formats:

Import Adobe Encore Image
Import Adobe Encore Text
Import Avid DS
Import BSPlayer
Import CapMaker Plus .cap
Import Caption Oneliner
Import Cavena .890
Import Cheetah .asc
Import Cinetyp Film
Import Cinetyp Timecode
Import Cinetyp Timecode2
Import CIP Tempo
Import Closed Captioning
Import CMX 3600
Import DLP Cinema
Import DVD Architect Pro
Import EBU STL Binary
Import EBU STL Binary Teletext
Import Eurolab
Import Eurolab2
Import FAB
Import Filmtext Studio
Import Final Cut Pro Text Effect XML
Import Flying Sky
Import Ledit10
Import Mauritius Film
Import MTL Text
Import Online CaptionMaker .onl
Import PAC
Import Power Subtitling
Import QuickTime
Import Scantitling
Import Sonic Producer
Import Sonic Scenarist
Import Softitle
Import Softitrage
Import SoftNI SUB
Import STL Text
Import Structured Titles
Import SUB Tempo
Import Subrip
Import Substation alpha
Import Tempo
Import TimeCode
Import TimeCode at
Import Titra
Import Titra 2
Import Titra 3
Import Titra 4
Import Titracode
Import TMPGEnc DVD Author 3
Import Transscript

Other formats

These is the only formats I know. If you have other formats, please submit them to me so we can include them into the program (