Display a background image to have a better preview of the title. You can import any picture QuickTime can read. The picture will be forced to fit your video format dimensions.
You can also set in the settings window the monitor background picture to the current movie. The monitor window then will show a still of the current movie.
A background picture slows down the title rendering in the monitor and the rendering is only approximative if the monitor is not original size.

Safe Title: Display Safe Action (90%) and Safe Title (80%) area.

Define the Creator of the exported PICT and TIFF files. The Creator is the Application which will open the file when you double-click it.

Define the File-Extension of the exported PICT and TIFF files. This allows you to have TIFF files exported as .tiff, .tif or without extension.
Note: PICT is not supported on Windows.

Define the textsize in the Titlelist and in the Preview. This allows for better reading on large screens.

Define Split distance for Spotting. The split distance is the number of frames between two titles you decide to split. Default: 3 frames.

Define the reading speed. The reading speed is defined as characters per seconds, spaces included. The reading speed is used by the reading speed color indicator in the waveform and by the preflight tool.

Define the interface language. Currently supported are dutch, english, french, german, italian, japanese, spanish, swedish and turkish.
Note: Interface language setting is not supported on Windows.