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These files are compressed with StuffIt and encoded BinHex (*.sit.hqx). To decode the files, you need StuffIt Expander, which is available for Macintosh, Windows and Dos at

The newer OS X Files are compressed as Disk Images (*.dmg). After download, they mount directly to the desktop.

Subtitler 1.7.8

subtitler178.dmg (for Macintosh OS X, 3.5 MB) (alternative link for Macintosh OS X, 3.5 MB)
subtitler178c.sit.hqx (for Macintosh OS 8.6-9.2, 3.3 MB) (for Windows XP Professional, 2.8 MB)

The printable manuals are now provided separately (PDF, 3.5 MB each):
English Userguide

Note: There are two printable manuals in german and french, but they are not up to date (version 1.6.2):
Deutsches Handbuch
Manuel français

Note: Subtitler 1.7 does not work with Macintosh OS 8.1. Use one of the Subtitler 1.1 files here below.

Older versions

subtitler11.sit.hqx (for Power Macintosh, english, 796 KB)
subtitler11f.sit.hqx (for Power Macintosh, français, 796 KB)
subtitler11d.sit.hqx (for Power Macintosh, deutsch, 796 KB)

MacMediaSift 1.0

macmediasift100.dmg (for Macintosh OS X, english, 1.5 MB)

Imagefilter 1.0

imagefilter100.dmg (for Macintosh OS X, english, 3.4 MB)

Printable Documentation: imagefilter.pdf (53 pages, 350 KB)

Textfilter 1.0

textfilter100sit.hqx (for Power Macintosh, english. 1.3 MB)
Beta: (for Windows 2000, english. 1004 KB)

TCplus 1.1.1

tcplus.dmg (for Macintosh OS X, english, 900 KB)

TCplus 1.0.1 is still available: tcplus.sit.hqx (for Macintosh OS 7.1-9, english, 444 KB)


htmlbook100.dmg (for Macintosh OS X, 940 KB)
Printable Documentation: htmlbook.pdf (PDF, 10 pages, 212 KB)


tempfolderviewer.sit.hqx (for Macintosh, english, 376 KB)

PDF Analyzer

pdfanalyzer.sit.hqx (for Macintosh OS X, 900 KB)


qt2tif.exe (for Windows, command line tool, english, 147 KB)
Requirements: Windows 2000, QuickTime

Test de calcul

Logiciel de test des tables d'addition et de multiplication pour mon fils. (for Macintosh (OS X), 2.5 MB) (for Windows, 1.5 MB)

Filemaker extensions

TimeCode for Filemaker

tcfilemaker.sit.hqx (for Macintosh (OS 8 and 9), 104 KB)

tcfilemakerosx.sit.hqx (for Macintosh (OS X), 32 KB) (for Windows, 72 KB)

timecodetesterfp7.sit.hqx (test document for Filemaker 7, 16 KB)

Excel extensions

EDL Writer 2.1

edl21D.xla.sit.hqx (deutsche Version, mit Hilfe 99 KB)

edl21E.xla.sit.hqx (english version 77 KB)

edl21F.xla.sit.hqx (version française 83 KB)

TC Extension (Version Macintosh Excel 5, 42 KB, downloadable for OSX)

tc.sea.hqx (Version Macintosh Excel 5, 42 KB)

tc4.sea.hqx (Version Macintosh Excel 4, 42 KB). (Version DOS, 5KB)

REALbasic classes and examples

All REALbasic classes and code snippets on this site are released open source under the GNU Lesser General Public license. Compiled programs are released under their respective terms and conditions.


prettyxml.sit.hqx (class extension in sample project, 12 KB)

RBScript Console

rbscriptconsoleproject.sit.hqx (source code, 36 KB)

rbscriptconsoleapp.sit.hqx (compiled application PPC Classic, 1.2 MB)

RtfParser classes 1.1

rtfparser.sit.hqx (RTF parser classes and sample project, 52 KB)

TimeCode class 1.0.1

timecode.sit.hqx (Timecode class and sample project, 55 KB)

UndoEngine class

undoengine.sit.hqx (UndoEngine class, UndoableObject class interface and sample project, 33 KB)

Belle Nuit Draw sample project

bellenuitdraw.sit.hqx (sample project, 37 KB)

RAMstream class

ramstream.sit.hqx (RAMstream class, 17 KB)

XLcalc class / XLcalculator 1.0.1

xlcalc.sit.hqx (XLcalc class and sample project, 33 KB)

xlcalculator.sit.hqx (Sample compiled application, 330 KB)

Altivec example

altivec.sit.hqx (Example showing vDSP through declares, no plugin, 36 KB)

Third party software


MediaFolderManager_MC7.hqx (1.1 MB) - 15.5.9