REALbasic Classes

All REALbasic classes and code snippets on this site are released open source under the GNU Lesser General Public license. Compiled programs are released under their respective terms and conditions.


Three simple class extensions of XmlNode allow you to write more readable XML creation code.


Sample project which shows how you can use RBscript in your applications.


Class provides calculations with Time Code and Keycodes for film, video and audio applications.


This is a collection of classes to parse RTF files to use in REALbasic applications. The Rich Text Format is the major interchange format between word processing programs of all major platforms. The classes mainly read a file, maintain formatting information and write to the Class Interface RtfTarget, which can be any user defined class like EditFields, Canvas etc.

Belle Nuit Draw

This is a very basic vector oriented drawing application, which supports changing position and porperties of drawn objects, multiple undo, drag and drop, copy-paste and aligning of text in textblocks. It provides also a document format. It is an alpha version of a example how tu use the UndoEngine.


RAMstream provides a binarystream in RAM. It works as fast as a Memoryblock, but it has the flexibility of a Binarystream


The UndoEngine allows you to install Multiple Undo in your Application. It is RAM-effective, because it saves only the items that really have changed. It is objectoriented, as it communicates directly with the objects of your application. And it is also an example on how to use Class Interfaces.


Simple mathematical operations with integers of any size.

Experimentation with the Altivec engine

Porting REALbasic applications to Windows

I wanted to share some experiences from my last porting, useful for others maybe.

Made with REALbasic

Belle Nuit Subtitler
Program to prepare subtitles for Avid or other nonlinear editing systems

Time Code calculator