15.6.12 Belle Nuit Subtitler 2.0

Feature: New import format Eurolab.
Feature: New import format CIP Tempo.
Feature: New import format SUB Tempo.
Feature: New export list format Blue Ray BND.
Feature: New file format PNG.
Feature: Added new asian text encodings for importer
Feature: Added remove license menu item.
Feature: New Import format Caption Oneliner
Feature: New Export and Import Format Digital Cinema Distribution Master Subtitler
Feature: New import format Titra 4
Feature: New framerates 50 and 59.94
Feature: New import format Eurolab 2.
Feature: DLP Cinema import
Feature: Added export options to DLP Cinema.
Feature: Line level support for B, I and U tags exporting to DLP Cinema.
Feature: Bluray BDN import.
Feature: Spotting tool can remove flash subtitles (0 and 1 frames)
Feature: New Videoformat 2K (2048 x 1080 non interlaced).
Feature: New EDL exporter for Premiere. (May fusion on a later stage with CMX 3600 if it works also with FCP and Avid, to be tested.)
Feature: Timed Text
Feature: Import SoftNI SUB
Feature: New Textencodings Mac Tamil and Mac Telugu.
Feature: Export SoftNI SUB
Feature: Import Export DVD Architect Pro
Feature: Import TMPGEnc DVD Author 3.
Feature: Center Left
Feature: Job Automation
Feature: Universal Build for Mac Power PC and Mac Intel
Interface: Movie controls (including Framerate) are always visible.
Interface: Beta version shows now in About window.
Bug: DLP Cinema empty lines are not exported any more.
Bug: UUID of DLP Cinema and DCDM is now lowercase.
Bug: Timeline is now updated when you Update Timecode.
Bug: Movie does now update when you click on Waveform.
Bug: Audio scrubbing does work again.
Bug: Titlelist text can now be properly selected over a wide range when the Sync option is disabled.
Bug: Fixed dur and end paramater confusion in Timed Text syntax
Bug: DLP Cinema FadeUpTime and FadeDownTime are now set to 0 (to defeat default 80ms.)
Bug: Subrip export does no preserve B, I and U styles.
Bug: Eurolab2 format respects framerate setting on import.
Bug: PAC files removed box information format ### text.
Bug: Fixed empty spaces on DLP Cinema import.
Bug: Fixed missing update on trimming with number keyboard.
Bug: Vertical and Horizontal sliders did not trigger a change of the document.
Bug: Added namespace to Timed Text syntax
Bug: Fixed Export FCP XML encoding error in paths.
Bug: Suppressed FCP XML Exporter dialog of non existing exportfolder when it was present.
Bug: Fixed syntax error on BDN exporter
Bug: Windows programm window is no restored, not maximized.
Bug: Support for italics on EBU export.
Bug: Removed offenting tab characters in DCDM Subtitle
Bug: Fixed import of FCP Text Effect XML.
Bug: Fixed Timed Text syntax
Interfaces: Added more font sizes
Bug: Fixed precision on 23.98
Bug: PAC importer recognizes now n-dash, right aligned, mix of alignment and italics and comments
Bug: Improved import of alignment and styles in DLP Cinema
Bug: Softitrage importer reads now also files with timecode spotting
Bug: PAC file can read many more non ascii characters
Bug: Fixed spaces in Digital Cinema exporter
Feature: Reference point in Spotting Tool Change Framerate command.
Bug: Fixed Windows error messages.
Interface: Width of Timeline and Waveform is 3 times larger (experimental)
Bugs: Alt Keys in Windows menus version fixed.
Bugs: SoftNI importer fixed timecode-title association and style interpretation
Bug: Fixed some occasions where new opened files where not completely rendered.
Interface: Monitor tool does constantly update to frontmost document so that you do not have to click on the window to update. Note: The monitor-tool is processor-hungry, so close it while you are spotting.
Bug: Movieplayer Key S (next subtitle) has been corrected to work properly
Bug: On new users without preferences, the initial size of the Monitor Tool is now set (25%)
4.3.9 2.0.0b4
Bug: CIP Cinema import now detects italic text.
Bug: Unicode RTF import: Some other programs use the unicode 8213 character for error for the 2015 entity (dash). They mean probably the 8213 html entity. Catched Unicode and translate to a dash where normally this would be a chinese character.
Bug: Spruce Maestro export: italic tags are now repeated for each line and not used at the end.
Bug: Unicode RTF export adds the space delimiter after each entity (no lost spaces any more)
Bug: Fixed some instances of the "Thread already running exception".
Bug: Added a new version of the iacute letter in the EBU files uses in islandic files.
Performance: Improved response on text editing of long documents.
Bug: Removed a OutOfBoundsException on new subtitler files without movies on windows.
Bug: Removed a OutOfBoundsException on import of PAC and other binary files.
Bug: Fixed non-working 23.98 timecode.
Bug: Detects now correctly the square character in .890 and PAC files.

11.11.6 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7.8

Feature: Enabled spacing in Windows.
Feature: Added format HDV 1080i
Feature: Added iPod and iPod 16:9 video formats.
Feature: (Added support for 23.98 framerate.) Does not work properly. Use 2.0 beta if you need 23.98
Feature: Added QuickTime SMIL Text exporters.
Feature: QuickTime text is not keyed and has the box background if the Box opacity is more than 0%.
Quality: Improved 1- and 2-Boxes with optical font analisys. Improved sepration of 2-Boxes.
Change: You do not need the online license any more for the Preflight tool.
Change: Removed the "Buy Now" option because it is not reliable.
Interface: The focus (titlelist or movie) is now not only shown with the focus ring, but also the section label (preview or movie) is underlined. This solves the missing focus ring problem on some windows installations.
Interface: Resolved cosmetic overlapping of empty movie section and preview section.
Interface: Offline user is reminded to buy online license before the last moment.
Bug: Added missing special characters in EBU format.
Bug: RTF Text is now also read in CapMaker Plus subtitles. This allows to import italic text
Bug: Import EBU suppresses now the BOX ON / BOX OFF control characters.
Bug: On Cinetyp timecode export removed period after titlenumber.
Bug: FCP XML fixed path crash. Path is now URL and not unix path. Warning when export folder is missing.
Bug: Fixed long RTF entries issue on CapMaker Plus subtitles.
Bug: Improved FCP XML export for pixelaspectratio HDV and alphatype.
Bug: Catched a special encoding for the í character in PAC files.
Bug: Made Cinetyp Timecode2 importer more tolerant for loose formatting.
Bug: RTF files are now also recognized, when Unicode is set as Textencoding.
Bug: Detected quote character correctly in RTF files.
Bug: Removed zero-character and zero-timecode events in EBU file import.
Bug: MTL Text now allows an empty line between the timecode line and the title.
Bug: Found many french and spanish accents in PAC files.
Bug: Found many french and spanish accents in 890 files.
Bug: Quicktime Text export now uses TextHeight and also the Leading to calculate the height of the movie.
Bug: Found many turkish accents in 890 files.

11.7.6 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7.7

Feature: Reading Speed indicator and preflight
Feature: New keyboard shortcuts to clear in (d), clear out (f) and clear in and out (g).
Feature: When you modify a title with in and out set to zero, it will now remove the timecode comment.
Feature: You can fix now timecode comments with wrong separators (like ".") with the spotting tool, applying an offset of 0 frames.
Feature: New import format "BSPlayer".
Feature: New import format "Mauritius Film".
Feature: Added many textencodings on Import tool.
Feature: Menu Edit:Select Title (command-T) selects the entire title text.
Feature: Spotting Tool:Update Timecode has now the option to remove unreferenced titles. Titles not appearing in the reference list are removed and the list is sorted.
Feature: Export window is resizable.
Feature: New export format "Text without comments".
Feature: "EBU" file import now reads italic and left and right position.
Feature: "EBU Teletext" file import reads now vertical position.
Feature: "Cinetyp Timecode2" sees now italic text when the file is RTF.
Feature: Expanded maximum eading from 12 to 24.
Feature: Duration, Length and Reading speed are now visible for each title in the preview and in the print.
Change: Renamed export format "Cinecanvas" to "DLP Cinema".
Change: Renamed menu "Export other" to "Export list".
Bug: Fixed TC Bug in Cinecanvas export format.
Bug: The import tool now reads the original file again if you change the textencoding.
Bug: Adapted Titra3 importer for new formatting of some RTF files.
Bug: Removed LoadFont and GDC tag on Cinecanvas export and changed order of subtitle properties and added an unique ID (note that the ID is only guaranteed to be unique on OS X).
Bug: EBU format did not import correctly if textencoding (which should be ignored) is set to UTF-16.
Bug: The red lines in the waveform for the titles were not correct when the offset was not zero.
Bug: Removed removed endless loop when exporting and a floating tool is open.
Bug: Removed jumping in titlelist when sync is on. Titlelist scrolling now always sets the focus to the titlelist.
Bug: Removed Unknown encoding error when ISO Latin1 is chosen.
Bug: Improved Scantitling import (trim lines and TC formatting).
Bug: Fixed showing up of empty documents when Scantitling import was done.
Bug: Fixed Cinetyp Timecode format (no period after frames, but eriod after title number).
Bug: When you doubleclick in the preflight tool, it jumps again to the title with the problem.
Bug: Working on registration bug on czech windows XP systems.
Bug: Handled NilObjectException (missing timecode) on STL export.
Bug: Removed Recent Files.
Bug: Improved DLP Cinema export format: Removed font reference (Arial is used), added version parameter and filtering of illegal XML characters. Style attributes size color, alpha and position are supported. Font effect is either shadow, border or none. On title level, italic underlined and vertical position is supported. Wrapping must be commited.
Bug: On split, titles do not jump any more.
Bug: On split of titles mit /file comments, the second title gets a new name.
Bug: In the Preflight tool, simple and smart wrapping is now honoured on long lines. In this case, 190% of the line length is allowed.
Bug: Fixed header separator bug in import format "Filmtext studio".
Bug: XML Error on opening 1.7.4 subtitler files.
Bug: Relaxed STL Text import allows for tabs as separator.
Bug: Fixed style tags over two lines.
Bug: Relaxed Application support folder.
Bug: Warning when prefix starts with a period which would create invisible files.
Bug: "Cinetyp Timecode2" relaxed title separator parsing.
Bug: Fixed timecode error in "DLP Cinema" (was 400 ticks seconds instead of 250).
Bug: Improved reading of tilde-characters in PAC files.

17.3.6 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7.6

Feature: Improved spotting of existing text: Non spotted titles are previewed in gray.
Feature: Added export format BMP-DVD.
Feature: New export format "QuickTime SMIL"
Feature: New export format "SAMI".
Feature: New import format "Flying Sky"
Feature: New import format "Titra 3".
Feature: New import format "Softitrage"
Feature: New import format "EBU (STL binary) Teletext"
Quality: Worked on DVD render quality.
Performance: Improved display of binary files on exporter.
Interface: The value of the disclosure angles for style, format, movie and preview is now saved with the document.
Interface: JKL slow play is now implemented more like Avid: Slow play holds on as long as you press both K and J or L.
Bug: Cursors does not move any more while you are editing the titlelist in sync mode.
Bug: Fixed lineending in EBU non roman exports.
Bug: Fixed accents in EBU greek import.
Bug: Fixed some teletext control characters in EBU import.
Bug: Looking for a bug on Windows XP Traditional Chinese (loadxml lang).
Bug: Looking for a bug on Windows XP Traditional Chinese (spotting tool loadxml bug).
Bug: Fixed invisible DVD subtitles with normal video formats and text soft = 0.
Bug: Fixed import Unicode RTF files which have a ANSI fallback character after the Unicode character.

2.2.6 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7.5

Feature: Scrubbing when you jog with left and right arrow.
Feature: New small timeline with waveform, in and out indicators (bottom, red) and current title indicators (top, red). The timeline shows 8 seconds at a time and is updated on play.
Feature: Box level can be set on title level.
Feature: Box has a new fixed size option.
Feature: Cavena (.890) file import.
Feature: You can move the Full Screen Tool to another screen and use it without spotting.
Feature: You can now order and get the serial number immediately (Mac OS X only).
Feature: The PAC importer reads now DOS simplified chinese text encoding.
Feature: Added chinese text encodings on import and export.
Feature: The italic style information from Ledit10 files is now imported.
Feature: Added Cheetah (.asc) file import.
Feature: Added spacing in Windows.
Feature: You can now view the TIFF-DVD file in the monitor window (option-shift-click).
Quality: Improved DVD rendering with borders.
Quality: Improved rendering for TIFF-DVD, introduced native PAL and NTSC formats.
Change: Subtitle rendering: Changed spacing rendering from QuickDraw calls to internal algorithm.
Change: Timeline titles are now read according to the red lines in the audio waveform.
Interface: Import Tool is now resizable.
Interface: Irrelevant settings in the style section are now disabled when TIFF-DVD is selected.
Interface: Document window resizes, if the titlelist cannot be displayed any more.
Bug: Quicktime import now reads correctly titles with only start and titles with fractions of seconds instead of frames. The split distance preference will be applied.
Bug: Quicktime import timecode format and first line after formatting text without end of line.
Bug: Tracking down crash after closing subtitler files with movies and opening new files.
Bug: Fixed Out of Bounds Exception on trim, and titles do not go out of scope any more when you trim.
Bug: Improved synchronization between titlelist and movie. The titlelist now scrolls when the movie is in sync.
Bug: The Find dialog now scrolls the titlelist to the found title.
Bug: The Preflight tool now scrolls the titlelist to the concerned titles.
Bug: Improved textencoding handling on RTF files.
Bug: Import and Export now correctly differentiate between DOS Latin1 and ISO Latin1 text encodings.
Bug: MTL Text is now more tolerant and allows both spaces and tabs in the top line. It also regocnized .
Bug: Improved error reporting on registering.
Bug: Suppressed error message about missing system font.
Bug: Style tags work now over two lines.
Bug: Fixed underline and spacing in Mac OS Tiger.
Bug: Fixed crashes on import of loosely formatted .sst files.
Bug: Improved printing layout. First page and last page is now honoured.
Bug: PAC files now correctly recognize the "-" at the beginning and letters with the acute accent.
Bug: Update imecode does not set the focus to the titlelist any more.
Bug: Wild cursor when in sync mode.
Bug: The movie sync mode is saved in the document.
Bug: Support for textencodings and linenendings in subrip export.
Bug: Added support for Greek, Cyrillic, Arab and Hebrew for EBU export.
Bug: Detected another way to encode "uuml;" in PAC files.
Bug: Detected circumflex and cedille characters in PAC files.
Bug: Fixed wild cursor when editing comments with synchronized option on.

15.11.5 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7.4

Feature: You can now offset vertically individual titles.
Feature: Split title does take into account the cursor position in the titlelist. There are no double titles any more.
Feature: The fullscreen tool now also supports the Key A and S. A goes to the previous cut, S to the next cut. A and S go to the cut and not the titles like in spotting to allow for black between titles. Both stop play.
Feature: Added Adobe Encore image export / import format.
Feature: Added FAB export / import format.
Feature: Added Ledit10 import.
Feature: Added Titracode import.
Feature: Added Transscript import.
Feature: Added CapMaker Plus import.
Feature: Added Online CaptionMaker import.
Feature: RTF files can now be imported directly.
Feature: Join and split now work also when you do not have a movie (but you need /tc comments).
Feature: Added Bosnian translation (first draft).
Feature: Added Unicode RTF export for textfiles. This allows to export unicode STL files directly for DVD Studio Pro 4.
Interface: The Avid Tool works now with the offline license for at most 10 titles.
Bug: In sync mode, the movie does not move any more to the inpoint, while you are editing a title.
Bug: In sync mode, when you switch between the movie and titlelist, the cursor position is preserved if you stay within the same title.
Bug: Monitor tool did not reflect style comments (new bug in 1.7.3).
Bug: Spotting Tool: Offset Timecode is more tolerant about spaces (- 01:00:00:00).
Bug: The Full Screen Tool does now wrap properly.
Bug: Probably fixed the uppercase Ö problem in PAC import.
Bug: Improved Unicode importing. The byte order mark is interpreted and overrides the import setting. UTF-16 littleendian is recognized on each platform.
Bug: Located some possible crashes with imported movies.
Bug: Fixed title selection in the Spotting Tool:Offset Timecode
Bug: The PAC converter know recognizes the special character BE (-).
Bug: File extension preferences (.tif or .tiff) are now updated correctly in the export tool.
Bug: Fixed a textencoding issue with DIN fonts.

28.8.5 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7.3

Feature: Added support for feet:frames counting in Cinetyp film import format.
Feature: FCP XML exports now with 50 frames handle on each side.
Feature: Added Adobe Encore text format for import and export.
Feature: Titra 2 Import.
Change: Movie now jumps to inpoint when you create a new title (N) or update the timecode (M).
Change: Added program version to file header.
Bug: Titles with style tags are no correctly centered on Windows.
Bug: Label corrected on Sonic Scenarist export, that prevented borders to be recognized by Scenarist.
Bug: Fixed a bug introduced with 1.7 where the cursor in the titlelist jumps to the title before the new title created in spotting with synchronize option on.
Bug: Removed trimming of lines before rendering which caused some non-ascii characters not to be displayed in windows.
Bug: Fixed internal error that prevented export on beta 6 and 7.
Bug: Made TimeCode importer more tolerant (allow multiple spaces between timecode values).

27.6.5 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7.2

Feature: Added EBU Arte export format.
Feature: Added Fullscreen Tool for soft subtitling.
Feature: Character-level italics are recognized in PAC files.
Feature: Added style attributes to STL Text export.
Bug: Fixed Avid Helper tool on Windows. Note that you need to click the timeline window after clicking on Run.
Bug: Repaired reading of illegal characters in XML (1hA-1hF).
Bug: 29.97DF and NDF timecodes are now calculated correctly from the QT movie.
Bug: PAC files without spotting (FFFF0000) get imported now.
Bug: EBU exporter exports correctly "...", english and german quotation marks and long hyphens.
Bug: Fixed crash when TIFF file is already open by another application.
Bug: Fixed property box style was not saved with the file.

10.4.5 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7.1

Cosmetic: Improved render time display.
Bug: Single title did not export correctly.
Bug: PAC import TC between 50 minutes and 1 hour are interpreted correctly.
Bug: Fonts are now sorted alphabetically and correctly selected on Windows.
Bug: More tolerant on typing in the Register Windows.
Bug: Fixed window refreshes on Windows and Classic.
Bug: Fixed left and right arrow not controlling movie bug on Windows.
Bug: Fixed prevented sync spotting on subtitles with /file comments.

28.3.5 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.7

Feature: Belle Nuit Subtitler for Windows.
Feature: Added TIFF-DVD export.
Feature: Avid Helper Tool
Feature: Export Tool
Feature: Import Tool (TitleListConverter now integrated in Subtitler)
Feature: Preflight Tool
Feature: Spotting Tool
Feature: Style Tool
Feature: Cinecanvas Texas Instrument export
Feature: Cinetyp TimeCode import and export
Feature: Cinetyp TimeCode2 import
Feature: Scantitling import / export
Feature: Sonic SST Producer import/export
Feature: Sonic SST Scenarist import/export
Feature: Spruce Maestro export
Feature: Subrip impoer/export
Feature: Substation Alpha import/export
Feature: STL Text and Quicktime export now support alignment on title level
Feature: EBU export now supports Eastern European characters
Feature: Prefix field for in export section
Feature: Added Remove Movie menu command
Feature: Movie still in the monitor
Feature: Improved Box.
Feature: Added T-key to mark current title
Feature: Duration field for spotting
Feature: Added Beep after exporting
Interface: Enabled E-key in spotting for mark in and R-key for mark out
Interface: Improved find window (select all, autofill, you can use "n" for newline)
Interface: Monitor now also simulates DVD subtitles.
Interface: Exporting titles is no threaded, so you can export more than one document at the same time.
Interface: Turkish interface.
Quality: Improved DVD-rendering.
Performance: Improved Replace All. Find window now supports "n" for newline.
Change: The offline license does now limit export to 10 titles. (Improves testing on nonroman platforms where the "offline" word disturbed title.)
Change: Parse style tags is no always active (removed checkbox in Preferences).
Bug: Fixed alpha-type error in FCP-XML files.
Bug: Fixed two-line export of EBU (STL files).
Bug: Fixed timeline graphic delay when Offset is not zero
Bug: Fixed jumps to the beginning when you change from movie to titlelist and are between two titles. It now jumps to the title before
Bug: Fixed crashes when application is quit with open monitor window
Bug: Fixed bug on replace, when replacing text was longer than replaced text
Bug: Added more tolerance against illegal characters pasted into subtitler documents
Bug: Improved preview for nonroman Characters with more than one line
Bug: Fixed Creation Date of subtitler documents
Bug: Improved registering on OSX systems with user having limited file permissions.
Bug: Trimming does not put the title out of scope any more.
Bug Fixed file comments with "0000" when importing EDL with filenames starting with a letter.
Bug: PAC importer ignores now &h80 characters.

28.11.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.6.3

Feature: Turkish interface
Feature: Sonic SST Text export (for Sonic Producer) and Sonic SST Graphic Export (for Sonic Scenarist).
Feature: Added Remove Movie menu command.
Feature: Added TIFF-DVD export.
Interface: Enabled E-key in spotting for mark in and R-key for mark out.
Bug: Fixed two-line export of EBU (STL files).
Bug: Fixed timeline graphic delay when Offset is not zero.
Bug: Fixed jumps to the beginning when you change from movie to titlelist and are between two titles. It now jumps to the title before.

25.10.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.6.2

Feature: Italian, Spanish and Japanese interface.
Feature: Avid DS Export.
Feature: Quicktime Text track export.
Bug: Fixed export to EBU with accents.
Bug: The out point of the /tc comment is no correctly the frame after the title.

7.9.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.6.1

Feature: A and S key shortcuts.
Feature: Added Formats 1080i and 720i
Bug: Movie does not jump any more to the beginning of a movie in sync mode when the title has no timecode.
Bug: Subtitler does not crash any more when preferences folder cannot be created.
Bug: Improved undo on update title command.
Bug: Subtitler does not crash any more when titles are not in order.
Documentation: updated.

25.7.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.6

Feature: Style tags.
Feature: Style Color comment.
Feature: Spotting timeline.
Feature: Update timecode.
Feature: Sort by timecode.
Feature: Offset timecode.
Feature: STL Text export.
Feature: EBU (STL binary) export.
Feature: Templates.
Interface: Spotting menu.
Fixed bug: XML export negative offsets (again).
Fixed bug: J-Play backwards from the last frame no works.
Fixed bug: When titles are empty, new titles are now correctly added to the end.
Fixed bug: Saving 1.1 files crashed when there where non-ascii characters in the export path.

7.6.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.5.3

Fixed bug: FCP XML export sometimes resulted in negative clip offsets, when the movie offset was not zero.

26.4.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.5.2

Feature: Swedish interface.
Fixed bug: Non-roman charactersets did not render with mixed fonts.
Fixed bug: Style label was always english, even if the chosen language was not english.

26.4.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.5.1

Feature: Modified dot.
Fixed bug: Spacing was not rendered.
Fixed bug: Box did not take into account leading.
Fixed bug: Soft border sometimes created phantom lines on the top.

20.4.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.5

Feature: Spotting with imported movies
Feature: timecode tag
Feature: export to EDL
Feature: export to STL
Feature: export to Final Cut Pro XML
Feature: export to 720p
Feature: Dutch interface

12.3.4 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.4

Feature: Multiple comment lines
Feature: individual styles
Feature: settings for extensions and creator codes
Feature: multilanguage support
Feature: xml file format
Feature: keyfile in application support folder
Fixed bug: invisible icons
Fixed bug: underline stiles
Performance: faster export of single titles.

2.8.00 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.1

Feature: Borders
Feature: blurring
Feature: export to HD
Feature: replace
Performance: faster TIFF export.

27.2.00 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.0.1

Feature: Release in french, german, update in english.
Feature: PICT-alpha added.
Performance: TIFF exporting is faster.

14.2.00 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.0

Release versions in english.
Fixed bug:registerwindow.

14.2.00 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.0b8

Feature: text editor with multiple undos and integrated style and preview.
Feature: adding comments and filenames,
Feature: underlying rectangle as option
Feature: left-right limits
Feature: simple and smart wrap
Feature: resizable monitor window
Feature: Safe title and background picture.
Feature: preparing for french and german localization
Feature: export as simpletext and as picture viewer files
Documentation: as pdf.

31.12.99 Belle Nuit Subtitler 1.0b1